We offer sales support and various analysis for our SME clients which are otherwise successfully used in large enterprise environments. You can get an overview of the types of our analysis we do from the following palette - all of them follow standard methodology, but can be personalized and are customizable for any situation.


We provide powerful data science tools and techniques for our clients to gain full control over their businesses for a better performance


Scoring models for predicting the future behavior of customers are indispensable for making churn and sales strategy

Social Networks

Network science is for understanding behavior and complex connections between customers in a better way


Complex customer segmentations are the most efficient tools for differentiating and optimising service levels and creating effective campaigns


General key performance indicators for creating typical customer profiles which are the basis of efficient targeting

Big Data

Processing of non-traditional, messy datasets using Google analytics for reporting and analytical purposes


When they contact us, most companies, are not aware of the data mining methods that make them do their business more efficiently, on the other hand they know exactly what kind of task they have for us. We would like to cover all possible analytical purposes with our services.

Sales, churn

When taking about a subscription-based industry, one of the most important KPI’s of sales is attrition, that is the number of customers who cancel their subscription in a given timeframe. These customers need to be replaced possibly with similar or even better customers to keep a minimum level of portfolio profitability. With the help of churn analysis our business partners can effectively identify custmers that are more likely to leave.

During churn analysis each subscriber will recieve an individual score that allows us to evaluate whether they are likely ot leave or not they can be addressed accordingly. Your goal may be to retain them or you can opt for letting them go – information makes it your decision!

Up-sales, cross-sales

What additional product should you recommend to your customers? What products can be packaged together with another in order to increase sales revenue? What products should be put on the shelf next to each other in order for them to be sold better together? Who is going to buy value-added services such as warranties or guarantees from you on which you have the highest margins?

Up-, and cross-sell analytics and basket analytics help you answer such questions. Such practices have long history with major retailers, now you can put them to your use. In practice the products are assigned to customers and you will get second-best alternatives that you can recommend to them with greater confidence. After this process you can decide your individual set of actions based on this invaluable information.


We know that reporting can be a nuisance for everyone involved in operative work. Whether it’s controlling, KPI’s regarding sales metrics, dashboarding or monthly sales reports – you can involve us to plan, execute or even to operate such reporing processes on demand. And you can focus on your truly value-creating activites and make informed decisions about sales processes.

Social networks

Brand building and managing sales campaigns are one of the most important areas for each sales related company. With the help of network analysis you can effectively identify the opinion leaders among your customers and everyone related to their group.

These networks provide an excellent opportunity to examine how churn, sales and campaign messages spread among these groups of customers, and you can identify customers that are susceptible for certain messages among your customers.

Segmentation and profiling

We can help you develop segmentation that describe your customers with the help of your own data or with the help of external data sources. Instead of seeing a large mass of customers you will now see individual customer types that behave in a certain way and have similar characteristics.

It is much better to make informed decisions about your customers when you see a young, agile couple or a comfort-loving middle aged, high income married couple instead of just an average customer. When we talk about segmentation and profiling, we are talking about such invaluable practices, and we can help you execute it!

Unconventional databases

In case you have large quantities of unstructured data, traditional means of analytics might not help. In such cases you can utilize Big Data tools. We primarily use Google Cloud Platform, but other personalized applications are also helpful. Whether it is an A / B testing, implementation of a machine learning algorithm or a recommendation or engine - we help you in the implementation!

About Us

The sibyllas were mysterious oracles in ancient Greece who belived they can predict the future. This legend reveals that ever since the ancient times people needed the benefits of datamining science, altough it was called in a different name and the efficiency of the predictions were questionable.

Back to the present times, our goal is to help SME’s to predict the future based on their available data. With our data visualization, analytical and BI experiences obtained at large enterprises we help SME’s that have the data but lack the tools and knowledge – or even the budget – to utilize specialized and expensive software to execute predictive analytics, basket analysis, automatic and graphical reports.

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